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Hello! We are 2 families, who happen to be next door neighbors and best friends. It's pretty awesome and we hang out almost everyday. Our kids are best friends too! After multiple Disney trips, St. George vacations, and even a trip to Mt. Rushmore, we’ve created a lot of memories together! We've been through a lot over the past 5 years; great memories and trying times including premature babies, struggling & thriving businesses, home projects and the struggles of raising our families through a pandemic. But everything is easier when you have someone that will be there for you no matter what. 

Shane and Kira Smith (left) have owned woodworking businesses since they got married. Shane's craftsmanship skill and Kira's eye for design helped bring the vision of Dittobug to life. Kira is also the co-owner of Fetal Fotos, a local boutique ultrasound studio. If you're pregnant and ever in Utah County, come and say hi!

Brad and Hannah Mills (right) are serial entrepreneurs and love starting businesses of any kind! They started their first printing-related businesses in 2013, The Invitation Maker. They focus on high end wedding invitations and related products. When we had the idea to combine the wood skills of the Smiths with the printing skills of the Mills, it was a match made in heaven and Dittobug was born.

Dittobug offers American, hand-made products that will add some wow factor to your home. Our focus is to help you love your home with unique, custom wood framed canvas. We love being in business and being best friends; every day at work is fun and exciting and we can't wait for you to enjoy your very own Dittobug artwork in your home!

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