Why You Should Choose Framed Canvas Photo Prints For Your Precious Memories

Transfer cherished photos of friends, family and personal adventures to canvas for a framed print that you can display in your office or home for years to come.

It is an easy process to create framed canvas prints online, delivered to you in handmade frames with easy instructions to hang your photo. We at Dittobug specialize in online photo printing and framing, and can help you choose the right frame to fit your style.

What are framed canvas prints?

Canvas prints are an alternative to traditional framed prints of photos, increasing in popularity as technology has improved the quality and affordability of the process.

Canvas prints display vivid colors and details, and use improved technology that helps stretch the canvas to customize the print for various frames. Framed canvas prints feel and look like canvas pieces found in a fine art gallery, although they are affordable for display in homes and offices. Framed canvas prints online also offer flexibility to create larger wall displays, custom collages and prints that go beyond a simple single-framed photo. 

With customizable photo displays and homemade frames, a canvas print can bring attention to your favorite images in a unique presentation that you can hang anywhere. 

How are framed canvas prints made?

Improvements in technology and easy accessibility to photos online make the process of creating canvas prints easier today. You pick your photos and submit them online. We use our printing technology to create a unique image on canvas. We make our frames by hand and use advanced automated stretching to apply the canvas to the frame.

Framed Canvas Photo Prints

It is an easy, five-step process to create framed canvas prints online:

  1. Choose your picture: High quality photos, including iPhone and Android pics, can produce great canvas prints. For best results, we recommend using a large photo with a size of at least 250KB. For phone images, use high-def resolution settings and consider using software to create your custom collage.
  2. Choose your size: Decide what dimensions work best for your canvas photo print.
  3. Choose your frame color: Select what works best for your home or office. We offer four stain finishes for our frames: Ebony (Black), Dark brown, Barnwood (light brown), and Driftwood (white wash).
  4. Place your framed canvas print order at Dittobug.com: After you’ve made your choices, place your order using our easy checkout process. We offer payment options on a number of different platforms and accept the credit or debit card of your choice.
  5. Hang your photo in your home or office: It is that easy!

What are canvas wrap prints?

Canvas wrap prints are among the online photo printing and framing services we offer. Your chosen photo is printed on high quality woven canvas material and wrapped around a wooden frame. It is shipped to you, ready to hang with hardware that is pre-installed on the back for easy use. Your custom frame will be made to order and will be ready to ship within seven to 10 business days.

You can also take advantage of multi-product discounts that we offer. If you purchase two or more of any canvas product, you can save 20% on your order (Use SAVE20 at checkout). Shipping is always free to any city in the U.S. Due to the custom nature of these high-quality canvas wrap prints, there will be no refunds accepted. We will work to fix any situation you may encounter if there is any damage to your order during the shipping process. Please reach out with any questions.

Start making your choices on Dittobug today!

Dittobug offers a wide selection of American, hand-made products that surely will help you create a unique display of your most precious images for your home and office. With a variety of online photo printing and framing services, our focus is on helping you fill your home with love using unique, custom wood-framed canvas.

Dittobug is a business owned by two families and neighbors who work, play and enjoy life together. We work hard to bring that love of family and community to your artwork so you can share it with all who visit. To see example photos of our frame colors, check out our product page. You can also see some of Dittobug's work by following us on Instagram and Etsy.