Using Decorative Wall Knobs for Hanging Canvas Prints

Using Decorative Wall Knobs for Hanging Canvas Prints

If you're someone that's fascinated with Home Decor hacks then it's possible that you've tried all sorts of experiments when it comes to decorating on a budget. At Dittobug, we're all about decorating using budget-friendly, yet creative decorating techniques that both look and feel stunning.

When it comes to hanging canvas prints on your wall, it's possible to accomplish both at the same time in several different ways - using several different hanging techniques with several types of frames

One way to hang canvas prints, or photos in general for that matter, are by using decorative hanging knobs. Keep in mind that wall knobs can be used to hang anything;  including play-room dress up clothes, coats in an entryway, or even towels in a bathroom. This article will focus on why they are a great idea for wall art.

Here are some reasons hanging art using wall knobs is a good idea:


Hanging knobs prevent frames from being pulled outwards from the wall. If you use a nail, or the built hanging functionality within the frame, it's possible that there is some space that can come between the frame and the wall. Knobs allow your frame to rest right up against the wall.

There is an added “geometric” look to your wall. The lines that the twine, ribbon, yarn, or  other threads that you use can add to the decoration themselves.

Fun & Easy to Install

All you need to hang art with wall knobs are a few tools. You'll need one screw per knob (also called hanger bolts, a way to attach the rope, and the knob.

If you're using a regular frame, not a scroll frame you can use the built in hanger. You can also try to us screw eyes if you have a wider, dense frame, but it's possible that the frame might crack.

Unique & Original Feel

Hanging knobs allow you to customize your wall home decor at a variety of levels. For instance, you decide the rope you use, from uniquely designed ribbon to colored twine, as well as the knobs you use in terms of shape, size, and design.

There are a variety of decorative wall knob shapes and concepts available on Dittobug, including smooth wooden log wall knobs, scalloped log wall knobs, beach smooth style wall knobs, and bark styled wall knobs.

Budget-Friendly Wall Knobs

Decorate wall knobs definitely won't break the bank, and they are a small investment that pack a lot of design power with each dollar spent. That's why they continue to be a fan favorite when it comes to DIY home decor, and one that couples very nicely as it pertains to custom canvas prints

Dittobug offers four different varieties of decorative wall knobs for hanging. Check out our selection of decorative wall knobs, and feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions!