Types of Frames for Canvas Prints

Types of Frames for Canvas Prints

Are you deciding on whether or not to get a frame for your canvas print? Canvas prints are a unique home decor option that look great whether you get wrapped canvas, traditional wooden frames, or a hanging frame. 

It all really boils down to the type of picture or collection of pictures that you will be displaying. A frame could enhance the presentation of the photo, but canvas prints are also well-known for looking great with an open back and no visible frame.

Here are some of the types of frames that are available for canvas prints:

  • Wrapped Canvas (floating frame or open-backed frames)
  • Traditional wooden frames
  • Hanging frames (or scroll frames)

What is a Wrapped Canvas Print?

When most people think of canvas prints, wrapped canvas are usually the types of frames that come to mind first. This type of display for canvas prints is wildly popular; but what exactly is wrapped canvas?

A wrapped canvas print is a photo, image, or art piece that is printed on woven canvas that wraps around the edges of a wooden frame that is usually around 1.5 inches thick. Wrapped canvas prints are sometimes referred to as floater frames because they are raised from the wall's surface and that make it seem like they are floating. 

Wrapped canvas doesn’t have any visible staples, nails, or frames so the print can be hung frameless. For this reason they have a third name that they go by which is “open-backed frames.”

Traditionally Framed Canvas Prints

Of course canvas prints can be framed the traditional way and hung on the wall as you would hang any other photo or work of art. Traditional frames are a good choice for your canvas print if the artwork matches some of the color of the frame. 

They can also add another level of sophistication to the canvas print as well as bring new life to any photo. In short they take customization a step further with another level of personalization to your canvas print.

Hanging Canvas Prints

Hanging canvas frames, sometimes referred to as canvas scrolls, are frames that have a wooden edge on the top and bottom of the canvas print. The frames also have a hanging component such as a small hook or string attached on the top frame. 

They provide a unique look and feel and are a great choice if you want to create a vertical collage. They are also an extremely popular choice for niche art like anime, rectangular designs like flags, or for highlighting favorite quotes. Their unique presentation makes them the perfect choice for unique prints such as these.