How To Turn Phone Pictures Into Wall Art

How To Turn Phone Pictures Into Wall Art

Custom canvas printing is a popular home decor trend that allows people to capture special moments, artwork, or messaging all in a photo that can easily be hung on the wall. They're sturdy, water resistant, and fun to create.

One of the best things about canvas prints is that you can use pictures directly taken from your smartphone. With a few steps, you can easily turn your smartphone photos into wall art.

Step One: Know the Size Limitations

What is the maximum size that you can print photos from a smartphone?

The maximum print sizes for photos taken from a smartphone are generally considered to be 16x24" for fair quality and 8x16" for excellent quality. Keep in mind that the maximum print size can vary between device models and manufacturers, however these two sizes can be used as a good rule of thumb.

What is Pixels Per Inch (PPI) and why does it matter?

Pixels Per Inch is a measurement of how many square single pixels fit into an inch. If one square inch has 4 pixels, then it has a PPI of 2. If you want the absolute best quality printed photo from your smartphone, it's best to aim for 300 PPI. If you are looking for a good quality then you should begin at 150 PPI.

To get the optimal maximum size for your printed photo you can use the formula, simply divide the width and height (in pixels) by the PPI. For example, the iPhone 12 Pro takes photos that are 3024x4032px. Since 3024/300 = 10.08 and 4032/300 = 13.44, the optimal print size for an excellent quality photo would be 10.08x13.44".

Step Two: Choose a Picture

Chances are that you have a photo that you'd like to use already in mind, or are planning on taking on during a vacation, hike, or event. If you are planning on taking photos with your phone. Make sure that you have HDR enabled in your settings

It's important to consider all details about the photo including where you will be placing it, what the backdrop is, and alterations that you may want to make with it.

Choose smaller options for frame sizes

Since smartphone photos are smaller in general, it's best to use a frame size that is closest to your target PPI. Square and rectangle canvas print frames that are 25" or under make excellent choices.

Consider Making a Collage

If you want to use a larger frame, consider using a picture taken with a DSLR Camera, or making a collage using a number of pictures taken with your smartphone. Collages are a creative way to include a collection of photos that follow a theme of your choosing. They can be built in any method of your choice and you can find many templates to choose from online.

Step Three: Choose a Frame Style, Shape, & Size

Custom canvas prints can be displayed as wall art using a few different frames. Popular choices include traditional frames, hanging frames, wrapped, or using a wall knob. Choosing a rectangle shape may be a good idea with a phone picture as that is the default shape of photos taken on a smartphone. Note the color of the frame you want as well.

Step Four (Optional): Consider Using Software to Edit Your Photo

There are a plethora of free apps out there that are available to use to edit your picture, including the out-of-the box apps that come shipped with many smartphones. Have fun experimenting with filters, blending options, and other photo enhancement options.

People looking for an advanced photo editing tool should use a software program like Adobe Photoshop. On top of a suite of tools and utilities Adobe Photoshop has for customizing images, you can also easily obtain information about the photo like width and height in pixels as well as PPI.

Step Five: Use a Canvas Print Editing Tool

When you have your photo prepared the way you want it, it's time to upload it directly to an online tool that lets you see how your canvas print will look once it's framed. We offer a custom canvas print upload tool right here on Dittobug. You'll be able to choose whether you'd like to see it in a portrait or landscape view.

After you have the photo the way you want it looking within the tool, the only thing you need to do next is complete the purchase and sit back and wait.