Create Custom Framed Photo Canvas Print

How to Design Your Framed Canvas Prints

If you are looking to add framed canvas prints to your home decor, we are here to help! 

At Dittobug, we specialize in custom framed canvas prints and can help you choose the right frame to fit your style. We’ve broken down creating framed canvas prints into 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose your picture
  2. Choose your size
  3. Choose your frame color
  4. Place your framed canvas print order at!
  5. Hang your photo in your home or office

Choosing your picture

There are many ways to customize your framed canvas print! Our handmade frames are a beautiful way to display your family, which is why family photos are our most popular product. We have a few recommendations when it comes to choosing your photos.

Choose high quality images 

It’s possible to make the smallest photo’s look great, but for the best possible results, we recommend using a large photo with a size of at least 250KB.

Will photos taken on my phone work?

Yes photos taken with your iPhone or Android will work however sometimes you might find that a photo taken on your phone is too small. 

We make two recommendations when it comes to canvas prints from your phone: Make sure your high-def resolution (HDR) settings are on, and consider using a software to make a collage for your canvas prints.

How can I get the size of my photo?

If your photo is stored on your computer, it is easy to get the dimensions of it. Simply right click on the photo and choose “Get Info” on a Mac. Then look under the “More Info” tab where you will find the Dimensions, Color Space, and Alpha Channel.

On a Windows computer, right click the image and you’ll find the size under “Properties.” Go to the "Details" tab to see the image's dimensions and resolution.

Choose your size

Design Your Framed Canvas Prints

We offer two square sizes (19x19 and 25x25) and two rectangle sizes (19x25 and 37x25). Be sure to measure the space you plan to decorate, and also be sure to make sure the photo you use would make a good fit in our available sizes.

19” x 19” Frame

A 19 inch square is a little longer than a foot and a half and 19 inches equates to about 1368 pixels. This is a versatile size that can fit on most walls that are under 2 feet wide. 

The size is just big enough to view from a distance, while small enough to fit in quasi tight spaces.

25” x 25” Frame

This is another square frame that we carry that is just slightly larger than two feet. The additional 6 inches allows you to take up more space from a wall, but still isn’t gigantic. 25 inches equates to 1800 pixels.

19” x 25” Frame

This is our most popular rectangle canvas print and for good reason. It’s a high demand size that can make memories on your wall stand out and shine. It’s also a must have when pairing with other canvas photos and art.

37” x 25” Frame

This is the perfect size for large areas behind large pieces of furniture like couches or longer tables. It’s perfectly capable of looking absolutely amazing all on its own and in many cases is all the home decor that a wall needs.

Choose your frame color

Design Your Framed Canvas Prints

After you choose your photo and size, it’s time to design your frame! All of our framed canvas prints are set in handmade beech wood frames. 

Beach wood is a light colored hardwood, making it a sturdy picture frame that can be stained a wide variety of colors. 

We offer four stain finishes for our frames: Ebony (Black), Dark brown, Barnwood (light brown), and Driftwood (white wash). 

To see example photos of our frame colors, check out our product page

Place your framed canvas print order

After you’ve made your choices for a picture and frame size and color, it’s time to place your order! Our checkout process makes it easy for you to create an account, save items in your cart, check out, or to continue shopping and come back later.

We offer payment options through a number of different platforms, and it is possible to complete the purchase with the credit or debit card of your choice.

Hang your photo in your home or office

We ship your new canvas print art or photo directly to you and it will arrive within 7 business days. When it arrives, it will be ready to hang and add to your home decor. Be sure to check out our easy-to-read hanging instructions that ship with all of our products.