How Much Do Framed Canvas Prints Replacement Cost?

How Much Do Framed Canvas Prints Replacement Cost?

Dittobug is a family-owned business specializing in custom-made framed canvas prints. They strive to offer the highest quality products and services for our customers, ensuring that they are able to create memories that last a lifetime.

A framed canvas print can be an expensive investment, so it is essential to understand how much a replacement might cost if needed. In this article, we will discuss the factors that affect the replacement cost, the average price of a replacement canvas print, and ways to save on replacement costs.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Replacement

The size of the canvas is one of the essential factors in determining how much it will cost to replace a canvas print. The larger the canvas, the more expensive it will be to reproduce.

Additionally, different types of frames can add significantly to a Framed Canvas Prints replacement services cost and should be taken into consideration when budgeting for a new canvas print. The quality of the canvas and the type of printing used can also affect replacement costs significantly. Shipping and handling fees need to be included in the total cost of replacement, as well.

Average Cost of Replacement

The price range for different sizes of canvas prints can vary greatly depending on the type of frame and quality chosen. Basic frames cost less than $50, while more decorative options could be up to $250 or more.

With Dittobug, the Framed Canvas Prints replacement price can start from $25 to $60, depending on the size of the canvas. Dittobug also offers installment payment plans for orders over $50 with no interest.

Quality and printing options can also have an impact on the cost of a replacement. Additional fees to consider may include shipping and handling costs, as well as any taxes or duties that apply to your area.

Cost of Replacing Damaged Canvases

There are a variety of damages that can occur to a canvas print, from fading and cracking to rips and tears. In cases where the damage is minor or limited, it may be more cost-effective to repair the canvas rather than replace it.

However, if the damage is extensive or covers large parts of the canvas, replacing it may be the better option. The average cost of repairing a canvas print is typically less than replacing it.

Ways to Save on Replacement Costs

When purchasing a new canvas print, it is essential to take into consideration the cost of replacement in case something unexpected happens. Purchasing a high-quality frame and protective glass can help extend the life of your canvas print and reduce the likelihood of needing an immediate replacement.

Additionally, opting for lower-cost frames or purchasing from a company that offers installment payment plans can help keep costs down when considering a replacement order.

One of the best ways to save on replacement costs is to take proper care and maintenance of your canvas prints. This includes cleaning them regularly and keeping them out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Taking advantage of discounts and promotions offered by Dittobug is also a great way to save money on replacement costs. And finally, for more serious damages, you may consider doing the repair or replacement yourself instead of hiring a professional.

The team at Dittobug understands how important preserving memories are for our customers. That’s why they work hard to offer our clients quality products at affordable prices with options for installment payments as well as discounts on larger orders

.Other Services

Aside from replacement prints, Dittobug also offers other products such as Framed Canvas, Hanging Canvas, Wrapped Canvas, and Hanging Knobs.

  1. Framed Canvas -  This type of canvas print comes with a wood frame and glass protection.
  2. Hanging Canvas - This option is perfect for those who want to hang their canvas print without a frame.
  3. Wrapped Canvas - Wrapped canvases are stretched around solid wood frames giving them a unique look.
  4. Hanging Knobs - This type of canvas print comes with small hanging knobs on the back, making it easy to hang on the wall.

No matter what type of canvas print you are looking for, Dittobug is here to provide the best quality and value. With the help of their experienced team, they can create a personalized piece of artwork to match your individual needs. They also offer discounts and promotions, which can help you save money on your purchase.


Replacing a canvas print can be an expensive investment, but with the right information and knowledge, you can save on replacement costs. Understanding the factors that affect the cost of replacement, knowing the average cost of a replacement canvas print, and taking advantage of ways to save on replacement costs can help you make an informed decision when it comes to replacing your canvas print.