Hanging Canvas Prints Without Frame

Hanging Canvas Prints Without Frame

Are you on the lookout for a new, informal style to decorate your home or apartment with some boho flair? The typical canvas stretched over a frame provides a different, more formal look. If you want to try an updated decor style that will make your house look great, you might like hanging canvas photo printing. Hanging canvas prints without a frame is a popular new style that will add instant chic to your living space. Here are some of the ways to try this style in your home or apartment today: 

An Entryway

Have your canvas printed at Dittobug.com and then hang it on an entryway wall for all your guests to see the moment they walk in. Dittobug will print your photo on top of the line woven canvas material for a gorgeous texture and look. Choose a black and white print for a vintage feel or opt for a full color photo. Your guests will love to see a personalized photo the second they walk into your home. 

The Living Room

A great look for any living room or sitting room is a trio of hanging canvas prints without a frame hung up on the wall behind the couch. Position your middle picture at eye level over the center of the sofa and then put the other two hanging canvases a few inches away on either side. Use a level to to make sure all of the canvases are in line. This is a great way to display photos of a couple, engagement pictures or wedding photos. 

Next to Furniture

If you have a large entertainment center, tall shelf, or hutch, a great look would be two hanging canvases hung aligned vertically alongside the furniture. Hang the first canvas just above eye level six to twelve inches away from the piece of furniture. When you order your hanging canvas from Dittobug, you will receive it along with some unattached burlap string to adjust the hanging height to suit your needs. One note with the hanging canvases, is to make sure the height of the bottom canvas is not too close to the ground. You want to aim for the top canvas to be slightly higher than eye level and the lower canvas to be slightly lower than eye level. 

In the Kitchen or the Dining Room

A great look for a kitchen wall with a limited amount of space is a small single hanging canvas. A small unframed hanging canvas can be placed above a light switch, alongside cabinets, or above a dining table. Depending on the formality of your home, this may be a good area for you to display more formal pictures such as professional photos. 


A bedroom can be the top place to personalize your space with beautiful canvas prints of your friends, family, or pets. A great boho look would be to hang canvas prints without a frame over the bed, near the door, or one above each nightstand near the bed. Choose a sweet, sentimental photo for this space. You will love to have your personalized canvas print be the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see every morning. 

Powder Room

Hang a boho unframed canvas print with burlap string in one of your bathrooms. Pair it with a succulent in a white planter to up the charm. This look will also go great with some beige, grey, or natural accents such as hand towels and rugs. Be sure to hang it in a well ventilated bathroom as too much moisture may damage the print. 


Make a dramatic statement in a hallway with a row of four or more hanging canvas prints hung at the same level. This is a great way to display pictures of a child or pet at different ages as they grow, or a group of images of the whole family from the same photography session. 

How to Hang Unframed Canvas Prints

One of the best ways to display hanging canvas prints is with command strips. Command strips don’t require holes in the wall so they are perfect for renters and anyone who likes to change things up regularly with their decor. You can easily move and replace the hanging canvases whenever you feel like it. If you have a permanent spot that you want to stick with, go for a picture-hanging nail. 

Dittobug gives you the best hanging canvas photo printing. You will not be disappointed when you print your precious family photos on an unframed canvas from Dittbug.com. Order one or more today to see what they can do for the look and feel of your home decor.