Customized Canvas Printing Online

Customized Canvas Printing Online

Canvas printing involves choosing a photo, image, or piece of art which is then printed onto woven canvas. It is possible to order a custom print canvas online, with the picture of your choice on Dittobug.

Canvas prints are an affordable, creative, and popular option for home décor and come with a plethora of different options. There are many questions one might have while implementing an idea.

  • Are canvas prints worth it?
  • Can canvas prints be framed?
  • How do I choose canvas photos for printing?
  • What materials are used for customized canvas printing?
  • How do I create a photo collage canvas?
  • What are some great ideas for canvas printing?
  • Do canvas prints make great gifts?
  • Order a custom printed canvas online

Are canvas prints worth it?

Canvas prints are wall worthy because they are personalized, and can energize and enliven any room they are displayed in.

There are a ton of creative options including pairing different sizes on a wall, creating collages, and making the most of all the different options available. Canvas prints have the unique ability to tell a story – your story.

We price our products so that everyone can take advantage of this wildly popular home décor idea. We also make shipping available absolutely-free to any US city.

Can canvas prints be framed?

When people think about canvas prints, they usually correlate them with a photo that is printed on canvas and wrapped around a wooden frame. 

But there are a few options for framing that are also available like a traditional frame, hanging frame, as well as wall knobs. Dittobug offers each of these options in several different colors and sizes.

How do I choose photos for canvas printing? 

Choosing a photo for your canvas print design involves multiple steps that include things like choosing the photo, size, considering where you are going to put the picture, and setting up your order online.

The name of the game is using photos with high resolution. If you want to use a large image for custom canvas printing, then it is recommended to use a camera that has the ability to take high resolution photos.

It is possible to use an iPhone for canvas prints, but we recommend creating a collage of photos rather than one blown up photo. 

Before an online order is placed, be sure to open your photo and inspect all aspects of it in detail. Look at the corners, the backdrop, the pixel and inch length, and any other detail that you find noteworthy.

What materials are used for customized canvas printing?

Canvas is made from a plain-woven cotton that is blended with synthetic fibers. It is highly durable, water resistant, and can be displayed in areas that are prone to humidity, and even outdoors.

The word “Canvas” actually has a unique history as it is derived from the Latin word “cannabis.” That is because canvas used to be made from hemp before people began weaving in cotton at around 1500 B.C.E.

How do you create a photo collage canvas?

As mentioned before, creating a gallery for a canvas print is a great idea if you are using photos from an iPhone or Android due to lower resolution and overall size of the photos.

To accomplish the first thing that must be done is to choose a good software program for creating photo collages. There are many free options available online. 

Consider choosing software that allows you to start with a premade template. The benefit of this is that there will be many customizable options and ideas that you haven’t thought of before, and it will also make it easier for you to complete a collage without doing a ton of custom editing in a program like Adobe Photoshop.

What are some great ideas for canvas printing?

There are an infinite number of options for creativity when it comes to custom canvas printing. And creative ideas for canvas printing is one of the most common questions we get.

Many ideas blend what a wall has to offer with which photo or theme of collected photos is chosen.

For example, on a large wall galleries can be constructed by using multiple canvas prints, while on horizontally thin walls vertical canvas galleries can be used.

Another idea is to complete a singular theme or photo using several different canvas prints. This is a great idea for walls in rooms that have a large enough space to tell a story. 

Of course, offices, dining rooms, and bedrooms are great options for canvas prints; but don’t forget about adding home décor to your hallways. Hallways are commonly used by guests and are great for canvas print displays.

Do canvas prints make great gifts?

One of the best gift ideas for that someone special in your life is a custom canvas print. A captured moment that can be displayed for a lifetime is a great way to show someone that you care.

The best part is that they work as gifts in all situations including weddings, birthdays, friendship celebration, achievement celebration, anniversaries, and Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Order a custom canvas print online 

Canvas prints are extremely popular for a reason. They give one the ability to simultaneously express their creative side while displaying some of the dearest moments, personally important messages, or impressive art. 

With Dittobug, you can upload and edit your canvas print using our online tools, choose between four different options for framing, and several different colors for frames. 

We hope you have fun throughout the creative process.