Custom Wrapped Canvas Photos

Custom Wrapped Canvas Photos Prints

Fun past memories are moments to cherish. Memories of these occasions deserve to be beautifully designed in eye-catching ways. This can be made possible through custom wrapped canvas photos. Custom-made canvas photos are simply photos printed on canvas and the canvas is stretched on a wooden firm support frame, wrapped at the back for its security, and folds neatly across the sides to provide a clean classic finish.

How to Maintain Customized Canvas Photos

Art made from canvas is considered to be more durable. However, if not properly maintained, it can be damaged. Even though the canvas is water safe, when cleaning the wrapped canvas photo you should use a dry soft cloth. Avoid hanging your new canvas in a spot that will get a lot of direct sunlight during the day. Sunlight might fade the colors of your photo. Also avoid hanging them in a place with excess heat or moistness.

How to Arrange Canvas Wrapped Photos

If you have only one customized canvas photo, then it is not troublesome when hanging it. However, multiple photos require critical thinking and designs on how to align them. They can be arranged in rows vertically or horizontally, depending on your desired outlook and pattern. Moreover, you have to put into consideration the type of layout you want. This enables you to purchase the right sizes and designs for the photos.

Tips on Choosing the Best Customized Canvas Photo

Choose colors and prints that match your interior decor. Think of your new canvas as a piece of art! You will want your canvas to complement the interior of your home.  Pick photos that will brighten up a room and bring a smile to your face. 

The themes and prints of the wrapped canvas photos should  match your style. Choose themes that bring out your emotions and make you happy in your space.

Benefits of Custom wrapped Canvas Photos


When purchasing anything online, one of the major considerations is its durability. A canvas wrapped photo  does not absorb moisture or fade, as easily as  paper. Custom wrapped canvas photos from Dittobug are made from a selection of high quality material and frames that guarantee you long-lasting canvas photos.

Professional Appearance

Canvas wrapped photos provide a nice professional matte finish.  This makes the picture easier to see and shows more details of the photos. Canvas has a textured surface that makes art look vivid and more interesting. Many professional buildings  and offices are redecorating with canvas wrapped photos due to their clean and professional appearance.

Easy Editing

Whatever look you are going for you can modify the canvas wrapped photos to suit your style. These photos are easily edited into any filters, such as the black and white version, and can be designed to fit into different sizes, which creates a unique art space. Furthermore, art printed on canvas can easily be partitioned into smaller pieces that, when hung, outlays the original image.

Three Dimensions

Custom wrapped canvas photos stand out as opposed to other images on traditional photo prints. When placed on the walls, one is immediately captivated and their attention is drawn in.

Advantages of Custom Wrapped Canvas Photos

Canvas photos are designed to accommodate a variety of decorative styles with the modern gallery-wrapped edges providing a large platform for you to choose from according to your needs. For large photos, the canvas is the best choice, outdoing paper because of its durability.

Disadvantages of Custom Wrapped Canvas Photos

Canvas wrapped photos are a durable long lasting photo. This is an advantage, but could be looked at as a disadvantage. Custom canvas photos are permanent, and can’t just be swapped out of a frame. Therefore, you have to be very careful when selecting the right photos.

Price of a Customized Canvas Photo

The price of a customized canvas photo entirely depends on the size of the photo. Small canvas paintings cost less, whereas larger photos have a huge monetary value. Changes in price can also be affected by promotions, discounts that lower the price, and additional features such as more frames and designs that can add to the price of the art. Watch for additional after-sale charges such as shipping, a design fee, and tax that will add to the initial price. 

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