Buy Wooden Hanging Knobs Online

Buy Wooden Hanging Knobs Online

There is nothing like wood to bring a natural, relaxing element into a room. When you buy wooden hanging knobs online, you can enhance any room by installing these knobs on your walls. In addition to your new decorative wall knobs for hanging, we have some tips for giving any room a serene, welcoming look and feel. 


Balance natural and manufactured elements to create interest. When considering various areas of the room, think about the wall material, furniture, and accessories. Too much wood, metal, painted surfaces, or fabric can overwhelm and make the room feel drab and uninviting. If you have a wood coffee table, pair it with an ottoman or another piece of furniture with texture. If you have metal furniture such as a metal book shelf, try filling it with some vintage books, wooden bookends, or some decorative stones to counter the coldness and manufactured feel of the metal. 


The right lighting can make or break the feel of a room. For many people looking to maximize the design of their home, wooden wall hanging knobs will look best with bright natural lighting on them. For a perfect evening look, pair your decorative wall hanging knobs with some fairy lighting or edison bulbs. You will create the right mood for a low key dinner party with intimate friends or a romantic night with that special someone. Or of course you could go for the perennial favorite light source - candles. Look for candles with flickering wicks for extra charm. You can try some of the newer flameless candles to get a similar vibe without having to worry about real fire. 

Living Elements

In addition to wood and other natural and outdoor elements, we recommend that everyone add some plants to your home. It will instantly make any living space brighter, more inviting, and more “complete” feeling. White walls, wood elements and some greenery and plants are the cornerstones of modern, beautiful design. Look for a starter plant that is easy to care for such as a snake plant, a money plant or a bromeliad if you are new to the world of houseplants.


When you bring a wood element such as wooden wall hanging knobs into a room, you are adding a special touch that can change the feel of a room. Don’t forget to coordinate with the appropriate floor covering to tie together the whole room. Whether you have wood, tile, or carpet in the room, texture is key. Along the same lines with regard to balance above, if you have a cold floor material such as tile or concrete, you want to balance the stark coldness of the floor with a soft or textured rug. Also think about flooring colors in relation to the rest of the room. Dark floors will make a room feel smaller, warmer, and cozier. The effect will be amplified if walls or large furniture in the room are also dark. Conversely, if you want to make a small room feel more spacious and expansive, go for lighter colors in flooring and floor coverings. One popular style that we love right now is gray floors, white walls, and plenty of natural wood elements. 


In some ways the furniture is the most functional, and therefore the most important, part of any room. When you buy wooden hanging knobs online, you have made a step in the right direction toward making the room both functional and stylish. With your furniture look for pieces that meet your needs but also play well with the rest of your design elements. If you have lots of wood and metal elements already, consider a cozier piece of furniture such as an overstuffed velvet couch. If the room already has many soft elements to it, you can go for a cleaner look with executive leather chairs and a finely upholstered sofa in a neutral color. If you are using wood hanging knobs in a kitchen or dining room, it is a perfect opportunity to mix different materials to create interest in the room. For a traditional look you would use the same type of wood and stain color for uniformity, but for a modern or more casual look, think about getting a table that is marble, concrete, or painted in a contrasting color. 

We hope you have found some useful tips for building a beautiful, livable room around your new wooden wall hanging knobs. Put some thought into individual elements such as your lighting, accessories, and furniture, and you will soon have the living space of your dreams.