Best Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Best Gallery Wrapped Canvas

A gallery wrapped canvas is a beautiful, affordable way to improve your home, apartment, or even your office. With Dittobug, you can print gallery wrapped canvas frames of your favorite family photos, or purchase digital prints from an online seller such as Etsy. Here are some of the top new trends for how to set up a perfect display of your new gallery wrapped canvas. Use these tips to liven up any space, bring together a room, and build your dream digs, one wall at a time. 

In the office 

If you have a private workspace that needs some attention, consider this setup for your personal oasis on the job. First, print a full color photo of a gorgeous, calming scene of your preference. Do you like mountain vistas, bubbling streams, or waves crashing against the sand? Pick a serene shot from your photos or find one on Etsy for your gallery wrapped canvas first. Opt for a large format print such as a 20 x 24 inches canvas or even 20 x 30 inches for the office. Mount the canvas so the center is at your eye level when standing. Next, place an oil diffuser on your desk under the canvas. Some of the best scents for productivity in the office are citrus scents like orange or lemon, and herbal scents like basil. To destress on an overwhelming day, diffuse lavender. And finally, finish off your office escape with a zen garden. Look for a Japanese desktop zen meditation garden. Spend a few minutes each day relaxing with your zen garden to keep your sanity on busy days in the office. 

Prepare a room for your new baby

What better way to welcome your little one into the world than with a special gallery wrapped canvas hanging above the crib? One of our favorite new trends to create a peaceful sleep environment for your baby is to print a black and white photo of an animal such as a pet, or an exotic animal such as a zebra, giraffe, koala, or elephant. A mid-size gallery wrapped canvas such as a 16 x 16 inch or 16 x 20 inch would be perfect here. In place of the usual baby crib mobile, why not go for something natural and put a beautiful plant in a hanging planter above the crib for the baby to look at instead? Some of our favorite plants for hanging planters are ferns, succulents, and trailing jade. Complete the baby’s calming nook with a calming lamp. Using a standing lamp with a warm light bulb can help ease the transition from story time to nap time. Or go for one of the many whimsical wall mounted light fixtures with dimming features made especially for a kid’s room. 

Setup an epic man cave

Everyone knows that the most epic man caves are all about setting up the right vibe. Create a chill mood with an awesome gallery wrapped canvas from The difference between a gallery wrapped canvas vs canvas is that gallery wrapped is usually thicker and stretched all the way around the back of the canvas. The thickness gives a more professional and higher impact look for your man cave. For the print, choose a classic car, a vintage pic from your childhood or glory days, or a sports legend. Again you can find great options on Etsy if you don’t have the right photo already. Since we will be putting other items with the canvas on the wall, opt for a smaller print such as a 12 x 12 inch. Next to the canvas, place a complimentary item, such as  a jersey from your favorite team, a signed ball or other sports memorabilia, a vintage metal car sign, or some European mounted deer antlers. Below the canvas, complete the wall with a bar cart stocked with your favorite drinks. For a non-alcohol, family friendly bar, stock it with craft sodas and your favorite game day snacks. Our favorite snack choices for the man cave are pub mix, spicy peanuts, and dry roasted edamame.

A high quality gallery wrapped canvas is sure to be the focal point of any room, from the office, to home, to your new man cave. Dittobug has the best gallery wrapped canvas options you can find anywhere online. So whether you are looking to perk up your office, put together the perfect home for a new little one on the way, or create a nice chill spot for the guys, a gallery wrapped canvas is the accessory you need to complete the look.